March 7, 2018

Coach's Clive and Micheal explore the topic of 'Adaptability', reflecting on recent experiences where this skill has been required, from newborn babies to unforeseen weather conditions. Elsewhere there's meetup news, a new entrant to the hall of form and the guys reflect on challenges and developments with personal goals.


Paul Harrild - Confrontation

February 21, 2018

Coach Clive Maxheath sits down with wellbeing-fitness coach Paul Harrild to discuss the topic of confrontation amongst men. The gents share personal stories and discuss related themes including neuroscience, communication, personal boundaries, and violence.


Men On Form - 20th Episode Celebration!

February 7, 2018

Coaches Clive and Micheal are celebrating 20 episodes of Men On Form! B-) Here they re-connect with motivations for the pod, review key episodes + reveal exciting plans for growth moving forward! 


Jason Goldberg - Leading your life

January 2, 2018

Coach Micheal Hilton sits down with the charming, enthusiastic and hilarious coach Jason Goldberg to talk about how we can vanquish the victim, own our obstacles, and truly lead our live's. Jason shares with us how we can all create a playful fun loving extraordinary life.

Link to free Digital, Audio, or Paperback Copy of Prison Break for listeners of the Men on Form Podcast -



Kenny Mammarella D’Cruz - Men’s Groups

December 12, 2017

Coach Clive Maxheath sits down to discuss all things men's groups with personal development consultant and men's group leader Kenny Mammerella D'Cruz. Through the sharing of personal experiences, the men explore what a men's group is, how it works and whats available for a man who chooses to show up in this space. In line with the 'Men on Form' mantra the gents also have some fun along the way! B-)


Dr. Amy Johnson - Habits and Addiction

November 28, 2017

Micheal interviews Dr. Amy Johnson, exploring a no willpower approach for moving beyond unwanted habits and addictions. 


Loneliness and being lonely

November 14, 2017

Clive and Micheal discuss the theme of loneliness amongst men. Trends discussed include the social media friend myth, the increased propensity for loneliness to become an issue as we get older and ways we can ensure we're staying engage and meeting a vital human need. 


Ray Hunwicks - Exploring Creativity

October 31, 2017

Coach Clive Maxheath explores 'creativity' with actor and creative entrepreneur Ray Hunwicks. The gents let fly here discussing topics such as; how functional modern living can stifle our creative energies, it’s role in education and misconceptions about what it actually means to engage life in this way.

Ray has been working within the arts for many years and in early 2017 launched Simply Create. A business venture with a mission to achieve more with creativity! Supporting people & businesses in recognising and developing their own creativity.


Ankush Jain - Powerful Men

October 17, 2017

Micheal Hilton interviews fellow coach and friend Ankush Jain talking about what it looks like to drop the misunderstanding we carry around with ourselves about being men in today's world. Ankush is a coach, mentor, speaker and crater of the powerful men's groups that helping men to see how powerful that truly are.


The power of choice

October 3, 2017

Clive and Micheal discuss the power of choice. Insights include identifying where we might be giving away our choice (and power) too easily, the danger of immediate reaction and techniques for appreciating 'in the moment' that there is a choice available to us. Elsewhere the gents provide updates on recent travels, introduce personal challenges and there are two new entrants into the hall of form!