Hugh Osborne - Addictions

May 16, 2018

Micheal sits down with Hugh Osborne, a Life Coach, and Hypnotherapist with a specialist interest in the area of Addictions. To find out more about Hugh's work you can visit his website at -


Survival Mode

May 2, 2018

Coaches Micheal and Clive reflect on the concept of ‘survival mode’ and explore themes connected to this challenging personal state. Elsewhere the gents ego’s creep into the conversation as they try to outdo one another with claims about how much they both work out and the most controversial man yet enters the hallowed hall of form!


Luke Tyburski - The Ultimate Triathlon

April 18, 2018

Clive Maxheath sits down with ex-pro football turned endurance adventurer Luke Tyburski. In this rollercoaster interview, Luke shares quite the life story - from the highs of realising his boyhood dream of becoming a pro footballer, to suffering depression after injury cut short his career. Then moving on to become an ultra-endurance athlete (and completing the ultimate 'Morroco-Monaco' triathlon) to the lows of depression once more. Finally, after all these ups and downs Luke has the insight that breaks the spell, allows him to accept his truth and today share his experiences via platforms such as world-renowned podcasts like 'Men On Form' B-) to inspire others :-)


Reflection & creating space

April 4, 2018

Post the Easter break and with spring cleaning on the agenda Clive and Micheal explore the topic of reflection and ‘creating space’. Discussions cover the benefits of related practices and how easy it can be in the modern world to spend little if any time in these states. Elsewhere there’s an entrant into the hall of form, the lads discuss current personal development books, Micheal provides an update his newborn and Clive get’s pumped for Wrestlemania weekend.


David Schwendiman - Money is the butter of life

March 21, 2018

In this episode, David and Micheal talk about the importance of relationships, exploring the connection between adding value to peoples lives and creating wealth.



March 7, 2018

Coach's Clive and Micheal explore the topic of 'Adaptability', reflecting on recent experiences where this skill has been required, from newborn babies to unforeseen weather conditions. Elsewhere there's meetup news, a new entrant to the hall of form and the guys reflect on challenges and developments with personal goals.


Paul Harrild - Confrontation

February 21, 2018

Coach Clive Maxheath sits down with wellbeing-fitness coach Paul Harrild to discuss the topic of confrontation amongst men. The gents share personal stories and discuss related themes including neuroscience, communication, personal boundaries, and violence.


Men On Form - 20th Episode Celebration!

February 7, 2018

Coaches Clive and Micheal are celebrating 20 episodes of Men On Form! B-) Here they re-connect with motivations for the pod, review key episodes + reveal exciting plans for growth moving forward! 


Jason Goldberg - Leading your life

January 2, 2018

Coach Micheal Hilton sits down with the charming, enthusiastic and hilarious coach Jason Goldberg to talk about how we can vanquish the victim, own our obstacles, and truly lead our live's. Jason shares with us how we can all create a playful fun loving extraordinary life.

Link to free Digital, Audio, or Paperback Copy of Prison Break for listeners of the Men on Form Podcast -



Kenny Mammarella D’Cruz - Men’s Groups

December 12, 2017

Coach Clive Maxheath sits down to discuss all things men's groups with personal development consultant and men's group leader Kenny Mammerella D'Cruz. Through the sharing of personal experiences, the men explore what a men's group is, how it works and whats available for a man who chooses to show up in this space. In line with the 'Men on Form' mantra the gents also have some fun along the way! B-)