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Colin ‘Cass’ Clayton - Leadership and Mindfulness

October 3, 2018

Coach Clive Maxheath sits down for an insightful and enlightening chat with mindfulness-leadership trainer Colin ‘Cass’ Clayton.


Cass served for 26 years in the royal navy, training as an engineer, going on to hold a number of management and leadership positions. To support him here and (and beyond) Cass spent time studying mindfulness techniques including; Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Meditation, having done so now for over 15 years.


Cass has since left the Navy and today leads his ‘Tree Sways in the Wind’ community interest company - working with charities and educational institutions. Also a second initiative ‘In Flow to Grow’ - a public and corporate facing entity delivering classes, webinars, and retreats. Links to both websites and more info below:


Tree sways in the wind -


In flow to grow -